Pope Francis ‘willing’ to mediate between Maduro and Guaido


Pope Francis ‘willing’ to mediate between Maduro and Guaido


Pope Francis. Photo: Reuters
Pope Francis. Photo: Reuters

The Pope has said that he is willing to mediate between Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido, Venezuela’s rival presidents, but only if both sides request his help.

Pope Francis has been urged by both men to intervene. But while Mr Maduro seeks negotiations, Mr Guaido and his supporters see it as a ploy to buy time, and say that they will only sit to talk once Mr Maduro has stepped down.

The Pope also confirmed that Mr Maduro had written a letter to him, but said that he had not yet read it.

“I will read the letter and see what can be done, but the initial condition is that both sides ask for it,” he said. “We are willing.”

Mr Guaido is relying on the rising tide of support spearheaded by the US to oust Mr Maduro, the president since 2013.


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